QV Foreigner Loan Singapore

We are quite positive of the reasons that most foreigners that need, to take out a Work Permit Loan Singapore. Most of the time, it is probably for their housing rental, monthly expenditure, or telecommunication services where you need to place a deposit most of the time. The probability of securing a foreigner loan in Singapore can be extremely intimidating to most expats. We understand the complication that most foreigners might face during the process of getting their Foreigner Loan, especially for Work Permit Holders in Singapore when any emergency arises.

To address to this excruciating issue, getting a foreigner loan you need is not actually as difficult as you might think it is. Our team of moneylender experts at QV Credit will always be here to help you. We offer interest rates that no other moneylender companies are willing to offer, clear communication to assist and guide you as to how much you will need to make your repayments. Our loan experts will discuss and come to an agreement mutually with you when it comes to a stipulated repayment date that both parties will be comfortable with. Along the way, if you have any doubts or queries pertaining to Loan for Work Permit Holder in Singapore, you may feel free to ask as much as you want before taking out any loan. We want you to be clear and well prepared of the commitment that you need to fulfill before taking out any Personal Loan for Work Permit Holders.   

Being able to get financial assistances is crucial for any foreigners or expats living in Singapore. Knowing this has allowed us to extend our best service and rates to foreigners of all walks in life. If you feel that you are in the position where you need to take out a loan immediately, do stop by our office, visit us through our website online, or even send us a text message with all your relevant loan details. That is all you need to to begin the process of securing a foreigner loan. You’re not going to find a better authorised moneylender in Singapore that is as trustworthy to get the money you need, but also transparent enough to offer you a loan that will be free of hidden fees and other unfortunate surprises.

Clear your monthly rentals or any deposits for your broadband, mobile phone, or monthly expenditure today. QV Credit is the only Money Lender in Singapore For Foreigners that is able to offer you a competitively low interest rate to your loan, a flexible settlement schedule that allows you to comfortably make repayments without compromising any of your daily expenditure. Get your Work Permit Loan in Singapore almost instantly if you are able to furnish the right documentation that we require.

What to expect when you are coming down to our office:

Please take a look at the following for the mandatory documents that are required upon taking out a foreigner loan in Singapore.

Foreigner Loan Requirements:

  • Applicants MUST be at least 21 years of age and above
  • A valid working permit issued
  • A valid passport
  • A valid letter of employment
  • The last 3 months of your most recent payslip
  • A proof of billing to your residential address (E.g. Utility bill, broadband bill, or mobile phone bill)