QV BUsiness Loan (Singapore)

Startup and entrepreneurship is steadily picking up these days and it is no exception for Singapore as well. Those who have just setted up their own business will know the torment and distress in every aspect of the business. Many a time, Small businesses tend to fail in the first year for a couple of reasons. One of the biggest and most common reason is that people starting their businesses just do not know what they are getting themselves into. This may include running into problems with your cashflow. It can also involve the need to expand, but at the same time not having enough resources to be able to do so at the most crucial moment.

Securing an SME Loan in Singapore is a task that may sometimes seem as though it is fraught with peril. The last thing you want is to secure a loan through a company that does

NOT provide the full details and requirements of a loan upfront, interest rates and hidden ad-hoc charges upon taking out the loan. This kinds of companies are the ones that you should avoid as you do not want to be treading into unknown waters.

We know how daunting it be to find an authorised moneylender to rely on when it comes to your business loan, while maintaining your own business concurrently. Here at QV Credit, our lender are able to empathise with you. Understanding that in every business cashflow is needed when it comes to business expansion, bridging over on short term periods, or even securing a stable cash flow for any emergency situation. These are all part of a Working Capital Loan Singapore that we can are confident to address for you.

Avoid the anxiety that comes with knowing your credit rating is not the best in the world. Stop waiting on a seemingly endless length of time for the loan to go through today. Stay away from other money lending companies that demands you to fill out pages after pages of tedious, redundant paperwork. QV Credit is here to help you secure the money you need for a Small Business Loan in Singapore. Are you someone who has little to no patience of having to convince the banks that the turnover of your company is satisfactory enough to secure a business loan? Our practice involves focusing more on your current ability to service your credit facilities. Poor credit history should not be deemed as one of the factors that is hindering you from getting the Start Up Business Loan in Singapore that you need for your business interests.

Simply send us the following requirements that is mandatory, if your loan application is being approved, you can have your money within 24 hours or less!

What to expect when you are coming down to our office:

  • Applicants MUST be at least 21 years of age and above
  • Here are a list of mandatory requirements that is need to be furnished:
  • Proof of a Singapore incorporated corporation/firm.
  • The most recent printout of your ACRA.
  • NRIC/Workpass/Passport of ALL directors/shareholders/partners.
  • A tenancy agreement of your business location.
  • Your corporate bank statements for the last three months.
  • Your latest balance sheet (if applicable).
  • Your company seal or stamp.
  • Proof of assets or title deeds for our secured loans that involve lower interests.

Contact us today, and let our Reliable Money Lender Singapore here at QV Credit will assist you in getting the working capital your business needs. We are also able to design a customised loan plan that is specifically built to suit your unique repayment dates.